Benefits of coaching?

Benefits of coaching?

I am Certified Professional Coach International Mozaik

Benefits of coaching?

Why do you need coaching?

Coaching can help you to Improves your individual and team performance. It helps to improve the collaboration between your employees and to identify team’s strengths and development opportunities. I offer you a tailor-made coaching that corresponds to your needs and that takes into account the management of intercultural teams.

Objective of the coaching

At the beginning of the coaching, we work on defining your objective and your criteria for success. The objective of the coaching must be concrete and measurable. Defining your success criteria means answering two questions: what would you like to achieve at the end of the coaching and how will you know that the objective has been reached?

Coaching methods and tools

My tools are adapted to the teams and employees working in France and abroad

Finalization of the coaching

At the end of the coaching, we come back to the objective to check if the objective has been reached with the success criteria. Learning and new habits are anchored.