What kind of coach am I?

What kind of coach am I?

I am Certified Professional Coach International Mozaik

What kind of coach am I?

Dare to become

“I can only support someone as far as I have gone myself.”

Danièle Darmouni “Le Leadership du Vivant”

A graduate of the École des Mines, after more than 20 years of experience as a Consultant, Project Manager, Procurement, then Project Director at Lafarge, I decided to reconvert to devote myself fully to the profession that I am passionate about: Coaching.

During my professional career, I myself went through periods of questioning and doubt about my own abilities… so many self-imposed obstacles that I was able to overcome to “dare” to become who I am today. It was important for me to listen to my inner voice, the one that guided me in my choice in all circumstances.

It is with joy and passion that I support my clients in their change process

At the heart of my coaching I propose initiatory coaching to get back to the origin of one’s history and find the anchor points in one’s roots. Born in Kiev, I arrived in France more than 20 years ago and felt the need to connect to my history, to consider my roots in order to better pursue my path.

My qualifications:

I am professional Coach International Mozaik.

I offert team and individual coaching.

I use the Systemic (Paulo Alto school), NLP and Gestalt approaches.

Supervised by an MCC (Master Certified Coach), I am committed to respecting the ICF ethical standards and obligations.

I’m certified MBTI

My services:

I intervene as a Coach-Trainer at the CentraleSupélec  school where I lead “Soft Skills” workshops for engineers.

I also meet the needs of companies to support their multicultural teams towards a shared vision.

I am a Mentor in the association PWN and I intervene in the association OSER-78 for Jobs


Mes 3+ :

> confiance dans le potentiel humain,
> authenticité & diversité culturelle, à affirmer et utiliser comme une vraie richesse,
> coaching possible en 3 langues : français, anglais et russe.