Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching for Managers

Your company is growing? Your managers are good technical experts but have difficulties in managing their teams? Because the manager and the technical expert are not the same job, I coach your managers to help them progress and increase their skills.

I coach your managers as they take on their new role to help them find their right managerial posture and increase their personal impact. During the coaching sessions, we work on the introspection of their preferred management style and the style they are less comfortable with. We work on rebalancing to allow the manager to anchor his strengths and dare to explore his non-comfort zone. We work on his team communication style to learn to communicate with impact.

Example of objectives:

  • Increase your managerial impact
  • Learn to delegate and empower employees
  • Improve team relations, resolve conflicts
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Give meaning, communicate with impact

Benefits for the manager:

  • Aligned with their new role, the manager feels legitimate to manage the team with confidence and efficiency.
  • Able to clarify priorities and delegate effectively, he/she focuses on tasks with high added value
  • Can communicate with empathy and give effective feedback

Benefits for employees:

  • Employees feel empowered and involved
  • Employees feel fulfilled, motivated and happy to come to work
  • Less burnout and overwork
  • More serenity, less stress and conflict in the team

Benefits for the company:

  • More productivity and performance
  • More investment and motivation
  • Pleasant atmosphere in the office: fulfilled employees,
  • Less unanticipated departures
  • Less absenteeism

The individual coaching is carried out over 8 to 10 sessions of 1h30 to 2h. The accompaniment is the subject of a tripartite contract between the requesting company and the client.

Duration of the session: around 2 hours

Team coaching

I support your multicultural teams towards building a shared vision.
My support is adapted to the ambitions of your development and the culture of your company

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MBTI: The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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